2005.11.07 Updated the FAQ and installation pages.
2005.10.03 Updated the authentication images on the screenshots page to correctly reflect the default URL of the servlet.
2005.09.23 Version 1.3 released with support for PostgreSQL and several fixes and features.
2005.09.23 Added PostgreSQL table creation script to the utilities page. You'll need iGroupCal 1.3 to work with PostgreSQL though...
2005.09.02 Added MySQL table creation script and a sample Access DB to the utilities page.
2005.09.02 Updated the FAQ and installation pages.
2005.08.31 Oops, previous .war for 1.2 was not compatible with Java 1.4. Please redownload to get the fixed compatible .war file. Sorry...
2005.08.31 Version 1.2 released with support for MySQL®.

What is iGroupCal?

iGroupCal is a Java™ platform servlet that allows iCal® users in a workgroup to share their calendar information through a single calendar. iGroupCal also works with any other iCalendar-compliant app, such as Mozilla Calendar or Ximian Evolution.

Rather than publishing to a WebDAV server, iCal users can now publish their calendars to the iGroupCal server. All other users then subscribe to the iGroupCal server to receive the entire workgroup calendar in one single calendar.

While it can be used as a stand-alone product, iGroupCal is designed to work with GroupCalendar™ for Outlook® from OpusFlow, a workgroup calendaring solution for Microsoft® Outlook®. iGroupCal lets all Mac iCal clients quickly and painlessly share calendar information with their Windows®-bound colleagues!

Oh, and did I mention? It's free. It's not open source, but it's free...

If you're running GroupCalendar, all you need to get started are a Tomcat server, or a Java servlet container. If you're not running GroupCalendar, you'll also need a database with a JDBC connector.